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Best Vacuum For Pet Hair And Allergies

Have a dog or cat? Then you know how easily pet hair rolling across the floor can get your dander up. I found out that even some highly rated vacuums failed to pick up what their pets left behind.

If you have allergies and your cat or dog sheds a lot you know how important good vacuum cleaning can be. The best vacuum cleaners for pet hair are pet vacuum cleaners with a revolving brush that are hypoallergenic and feature antimicrobial protection with odor control for fighting bacteria. These full-featured models include hose attachments like upholstery brushes and powered hand tools.

I have 3 large dogs ranging in size from 55lb to 75lbs plus two cats. I need a good vacuum cleaner. My favorite vacuum for this is the Oreck XL® Ultra Vacuum Cleaner with IntellaShield™ Technology. !-- ebay starts here --> [an error occurred while processing this directive] This vacuum uses hypo-allergenic filtration that eliminates 99.9% of all particles down to 0.3 Microns There's no puff of dirt in your face (or foul odor) when you turn on the Oreck XL and dirt can't escape back into the air in your home. That's due to 9 layers of filtration including a 5-layer outer bag that is bonded by ultrasonic lamination and a 4-layer odor fighting hypo-allergenic inner disposable bag. In technical terms, this 9-lb. vacuum eliminates 99.9% of allergens down to 0.3 microns. That's 11 times better than the Carpet & Rug Institute's Standard! Bacteria measures 0.4 to 10 microns. Mold spores are 10 to 100 microns. What goes in your Oreck gets out of your house, and out of your air! Vacuuming is about sanitation, and there's no cleaner way to clean your home than the Oreck XL® vacuum cleaner.

This vaccuum is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies in my opinion. First, Microban®, an antimicrobial agent, is built right into the vacuum cleaner. It actually penetrates microbes and inhibits their growth and ability to multiply. And this lifetime antimicrobial protection is infused into places where microbes accumulate, like the handle, roller brush, and base plate - never washing off or wearing away. It works 24/7, even when the vacuum is off! It uses what Oreck calls IntellaShield technology which creates a bacteria-fighting barrier around the Oreck XL Vacuum, combining antimicrobial protection plus powerful odor control. Plus, the odor controlling inner bag and odor shield in the outer bag work to eliminate everything from pet odors to other stubborn smells. This powerful odor control system makes your home fresher and cleaner than ever before, easily and effortlessly. And all that performance is packed into a vacuum that weighs just nine pounds

The best vacuum for pet hair and allergies comes with a 10-yr. Warranty plus 10 FREE Annual Tune-ups Oreck gives you a 10-year motor warranty and a 10 year warranty on the housing! Simply take your Oreck XL in to the Oreck Store nearest you for your FREE tune-ups. Every year for ten years, they'll replace the belt any worn or damage dseals and inner bag. They will also check the roller brush bearings and all electrical connections. They will even polish the commutator and clean the roller brush, housing, baseplate, outer bag and bag dock. How's that for service?! You'll never worry about maintaining your vac again, and you'll save money knowing that your Oreck XL will last and last!

Lightweight and Easy to Use The best vacuum for pet hair and allergies is also one of the lightest full size vacuums available, lays flat to fit under beds and furniture, and cleans stairs in a snap. With Oreck's exclusive, ergonomically-designed Helping Hand Handle, you simply push and pull the vacuum, relieving the stress and strain on wrists, forearms and elbows. They've also installed a safety light in the on/off switch in the handle which glows whenever the unit is plugged in. It reminds you to unplug the vacuum when not in use. Then there's the power cord itself. On the Ultra Model, it's a generous 30 feet long. You can clean large areas without tedious plugging and unplugging.

Environmentally Friendly And Uses 1/3 the Electricity of Almost Any Other Vacuum Motor

The pure genius of Oreck engineering has been to take the heavy, mundane world of vacuum cleaners and step-by-step reduce them to light, lean and remarkably powerful cleaning machines. Now the life of the Oreck hypo-allergenic motor has more than doubled through advanced, state of the art, 24-bar technology. In other words, what 24 valves have done for driving, 24 bars are doing for power cleaning. Your Oreck XL will run more powerfully, quieter and will keep on running long after those heavy clunker brands have been thrown out. This 24-bar motor uses 1/3 the electricity of almost any other vacuum motor. So your Oreck XL will not only last longer, it could save you hundreds of dollars in energy expense over the life of the vacuum. And talk about performance - the suction velocity of the Oreck XL is equivalent to a category 2 hurricane, measuring 102 mph! Dust, dander, pet hair, pollen and even dust mites come up in one sweep.

Try the Oreck XL Ultra risk-free for 30 days Simply put, I think the Oreck XL is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies there is. And that's why they want you to try it in your own home, on your toughest cleaning problems, risk-free for 30 days. They will even give you a FREE Cordless Speed Iron, just for trying it From the first time you use it, you'll see for yourself how your rugs and carpets look renewed, you'll smell the difference in your air, and you'll see how much less you'll have to dust. You'll breathe easier cleaning with it - but don't just take my word for it. If you don't love it, send it back to them. They'll even pay the return shipping! You have nothing to lose by trying the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies except all the hidden dirt your present vacuum leaves behind.

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