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Your Carpeting Can Cause Allergies

You carpet can act as a shelter for a variety of airborne allergens, including dust mites, even mold and pollen. Any correlation between your carpet and allergies might also depend on the age and thickness of the carpet, because thicker carpets are more difficult to get thoroughly clean, and older carpets have more time to attract more dust and other allergens. Simply spilling a liquid on your carpeting can cause problems. Any time there is a liquid spilled on your carpet, it is advisable to clean and dry the affected area quickly and thoroughly, before mold can begin to grow.

Keep Your Carpet Clean To Keep Allergies Away

When it comes to your carpet and allergies, the best way to fight the problem is with regular and thorough cleaning. A quick search on the Internet or your phone book can provide a vast resource for carpet cleaning experts. It is essential that you give your entire carpet a thorough shampoo at least once a year, and high traffic areas need greater attention. Family members who suffer from allergies need the carpet in their rooms cleaned much more often than once a year. Vacuuming alone is not do the job, but you can find numerous products online that can help with your carpet and allergies. There are some carpet treatments available that claim to lessen allergens in carpeting.

Can New Carpet Cause Allergies?

You probably wouldn’t think that new carpet could trigger any allergic reactions, because it hasn’t had time to collect any of the common allergens that older carpet often has. But many people notice allergy-like symptoms, like headache, coughing, and skin rash, when exposed to newly installed carpet. These symptoms can usually be attributed to 4-phenylcyclohexene (4-PC), a chemical in new carpets that is responsible for that “new carpet smell”. To avoid any adverse reactions to this chemical, it is advisable to unroll the carpet and let it air out a few days before installation, and to keep the areas where the new carpet is installed well ventilated. The noxious smell should dissipate within a few days.

Most people with carpet in there home realizes the connection with carpet and allergies, but having carpet doesn’t necessarily mean you must suffer. With the variety of cleaning products and carpet cleaning companies online, maintaining a clean and allergen free carpet can be easier than you realize. And if you follow a few simple guidelines, any problems associated with new carpet and allergies can be minimized. Those of use who suffer from allergies know that we have to make certain considerations in order to live happy and healthy lives. So keep your carpet clean because carpeting and allergies seem to go hand in hand.


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