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Understanding Fruit Allergies

We all know fruit, vegetables and nuts are supposed to very good for us because these wonderful, tasty foods contain fiber and nutrients that are vital to the efficient workings of the human organism. Most of us eat fruits, nuts and vegetables in the suggested quantities because for most people these are healthful foods. But for those people with fruit allergies they will find that some of these foods could be deadly poisonous. People with fruit allergies will find that some of these nutritious foods will cause uncomfortable symptoms including hives, nausea and congestion. Those with moderate fruit allergies will find more severe symptoms including itchiness.

You Can Be Allergic To All Types Of Fruit

There are several fruit allergies that seem to be more prevalent than other allergies. Apples seem to affect those with fruit allergies more often than other fruits. Strawberries are another fruit that produce an allergic reaction in many people. Peaches often contain the allergens that produce allergies in people also, and all types of citrus fruits could have a similar effect. These are all delicious, nutritious fruits that many people enjoy. Most people have no reaction to these great foods. Those with allergies should avoid these fruits. These people will have to find nutrition in other foods.

Fruit allergies often show up in early childhood when parents notice a rash or hives on their children after eating certain fruits. Children often have the same allergies that their parents have. If both parents have the same allergies, the children are very likely to have these allergies. When children have an allergic reaction, parents should try to eliminate any food that the child ate recently. People with allergies should try to identify the problem foods and then avoid eating those in the future. There are medical tests that are available to identify allergies as well.

Fruit allergies are known to affect a significant number of people every year. Approximately ten to fifteen percent of the population suffers from a variety of food allergies. These people are wise to identify the types of fruit allergies that they have so they can avoid the allergens that cause these symptoms to appear. Some people find a repeat reaction to eating a certain food leads them to identify the source of their allergies. These people often just avoid exposure to the allergens that produce their symptoms. If you have food or fruit allergies it may be a good idea to go to a specialist or allergist who will do a series of tests to identify the fruit allergies and allergies to other foods also.

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